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“This is my station. Watch me raise it up.” Bob Lubell believed he heard God speak these words at a time when he was preoccupied with making money and no involvement with the radio industry. He set aside his fears and risked the ridicule and insecurity that accompanies steps of faith. Soon after, he lost his jobs. Later still, he watched a rock station take over his frequency. Hanging on to his last thread of hope, he joined with a few close friends to pray for a miracle. A series of unlikely events and direct answers to prayer –incidents too amazing to be coincidence– led Bob to establish Partners for Christian Radio and watch God’s miraculous hand fulfill the very words Bob heard Him speak.

Bob Lubell was familiar with miracles. While playing drums with a rock band at age 15, he was also trafficking drugs from New York to the Ohio State campus in his hometown and was soon busted. Facing a potentially decades-long sentence, the drugs-crazed teenager was placed in the custody of a local Christian ministry. Bob’s experiences went from mind-bending to life-changing, and the miracles were just beginning.

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